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Air Purifiers

With homes sealed up as tightly as they are today, it’s no wonder that so many homeowners are having York air purifiers installed. If you’re looking for a new air purifier, York’s Affinity series air quality products are perfect for any size home. For more than 130 years, York has been helping keep homeowners maintain comfortable and healthy environments inside their homes.

To ensure you get only the best possible service when your next York air purifier is installed, we’ve compiled a list of the top York dealers in New Jersey. We only work with the best so you can rest assured that our recommendations will suit your needs perfectly.

York Indoor Air Purification

What makes air purification such an important part of modern home comfort? It starts with how homes are built and renovated today. In recent decades, homes have been sealed up more tightly for higher levels of energy efficiency. Because energy costs have gone up so much and a concerted effort is being made to reduce the impact on the environment, builders, governments and homeowners alike want to reduce the amount of energy used for home heating and cooling.

But because homes are sealed up so tightly with insulation and weather stripping nowadays, it’s become nearly impossible to maintain proper air circulation in your home. And the average home is filled with particles and contaminants that are not healthy to breathe continuously. These include dust, pet dander, pollen, mold, and even bacteria and viruses.

That’s where air purification comes in. A York air purification system can be installed directly on your air handler and removes the unwanted particles and contaminants that otherwise circulate in the air. That way, you can get a regular influx of fresh, healthy air without having to open a window and let out all of that temperature controlled air that you pay so much for.

Types of Air Purification

Air filtration is the simplest form of air purification and is generally included in all air purification systems. However, true purification goes beyond removing standard particulates like dust and debris. Air purification works by using electronic systems to separate certain contaminants from the air supply. By ionizing the air, these devices, which include York’s Affinity Series air cleaners, separate out viruses, bacteria, mold spores and other contaminants that are common in indoor air. A filter is also recommended to supplement this type of cleaning as larger particles won’t be removed by ionization alone.

UVC germicidal lighting takes indoor air purification to the next level. York’s UVC germicidal products provide instant removal of viruses, bacteria, and mold spores that would otherwise circulate through your home. Because a UVC light is installed at the source of your home’s temperature controlled air, it kills these contaminants before they can even enter the air you breathe.

York Air Purifier Specialists

Choosing an experienced air purification specialist is one of the most important things you can do as a homeowner to help you keep your indoor air quality high. We’ve created a list of York dealers in New Jersey that we feel have the experience needed to find the right product for any application. With our dealer locator you’ll find a local contractor that can help you choose the perfect York air purifier for your home.